Graduate students & postdocs

I teach graduate students and postdocs how to seek non-academic employment, I show faculty how they can help their graduate students, and I show faculty and administrators how their programs can better support graduate students in that effort from the beginning.  If you’re interested in having me work with your students or your program or speak to your group, please contact me.  Here’s a selected list of places I have taught and given talks; here’s the outline to my four-hour course, The graduate students’ guide to the non-academic jobsearch. For new posts and updates, follow me on Twitter @akrook.

I offer free resources to help graduate students and postdocs who may want to learn about or enter the non-academic workforce:

I also offer free resources to help graduate students and postdocs with their academic work and entering the academic workforce:

Here’s a talk I gave at UAlberta at their conference on new directions for humanities PhD programs (March 2015).  Here’s a talk I gave at McGill about reforming PhD programs to better engage with the non-academic workplace. (May 2015) Here’s a post in which I ask whether non-academic careers can be plan A yet, and spoken of as such in graduate programs. (September 2015)  Here’s an interview with me in MITACS on the changing face of the PhD and the academy in Canada (October 2015) Here’s advice for faculty members who want to support their graduate students and postdocs as they seek non-academic work.