Undergraduates & recent graduates

Undergraduates and recent graduates have a lot on their plates: getting an education, getting a job when they are done with their education, and getting off to a good start in the workplace. Here are some resources to help:

Doing well in college will help you get your first job.  Here’s advice on the transition from high school to college.

If you will be looking for a job soon, read this post on what I sometimes miss when I interview undergraduates for entry-level jobs.

Here’s something for anyone majoring in the humanities who has ever heard “but what are you going to do with that major?”: it’s a list of great books by humanities majors who have interesting careers.  And here’s a post on how to talk to your parents about your undergraduate humanities major, and about their fears about what it means for your job prospects. Here’s a post about how to think about the job market for humanities majors.

Here is information for people about to enter the workforce, or who recently entered it:

Managers: see my piece on millenials in the workplace; here are some video excerpts from that interview.