“Now What Do I Say?”: Practical Workplace Advice for Younger Women

Krook book cover for biz card (2)“Now What Do I Say?”: Practical Workplace Advice for Younger Women gives women earlier in their careers practical advice about difficult verbal exchanges at work.   Many younger women report routine workplace interactions that, intentionally or unintentionally, question their authority, their competence, and their intelligence.This book provides a range of responses that might be useful in the moment, and gives some guidance about when and how to use them and what to do when the responses fail to help.  It provides guidance for thinking through, in advance, how to react in support of their longer-term interests in the workplace, including what might help prevent these situations from arising in the first place.

Available from Amazon in paperback or as an ebook and on iBooks as an iBook.

From a reviewer: “I wish this book had existed when I was just entering the workforce–I would have had a better answer to “Are you sure you understand this? It’s kind of technical,” besides retreating to my office and fuming. In this book, Krook offers advice and actual, practical responses that young women can use as they encounter the weird sexist remarks and situations that still happen in just about every office and industry. There is humor in here as well as a lot of warmth and concern. You’ll find wisdom for the workplace and also advice for things to consider out in “real life,” such as finances and what to think about if you have kids or even if you don’t have them but might someday. It’s a perfect book to send a young graduate or even an old boss–everyone can learn something from “Now What Do I Say?”

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